Have a heart. Help me free my Mexican.

My boyfriend is a Latino that everyone {lovingly} refers to as “the Mexican.” No, he isn’t Mexican. Yes, I know it sounds ignorant. Let’s put our political correctness aside for a moment and pretend we’re among friends. He’s a man that never lets anything bring him down, that is kind to strangers, who lights up every room he walks into.

A few years ago he got out of the Navy and got into some trouble, and in January he was arrested again for not going to see his probation officer like he was supposed to. Yes, its his fault. Yes, he knows it. No, he’s not making excuses for this mistake. His court appointed lawyer couldn’t care less if he rots in jail, and I am still short what I need for the retainer fee to hire someone. If I can’t pay a lawyer before his court date in two weeks, I’m afraid he’ll sit in jail over a stupid non-violent misunderstanding that happened years ago. I’m out of ideas. I’m going to try for the compassion of strangers.

He’s never been given a break in his life. Please help me give him a break.



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